Mythbusting the Tongue Map

file0001330442574We were all taught in elementary school that each area of the tongue is responsible for a specific taste. Multiple scientific studies have been conducted and proven that this is simply not true. It all started when a psychologist from Harvard named Edwin G. Boring wrote a research paper on the subject. Unfortunately, the data presented in the paper was a bit hazy, and was left open for interpretation. This encouraged the incorrect assumptions about each area being responsible for one specific taste.

What the paper stated in actuality was that each area of the tongue has a different threshold before detecting different sensations. In other words, all areas can taste all flavors, but each area requires a different level of intensity to recognize a given sensation. Once that threshold is reached, the intensity of the sensation is equal across the tongue.

To keep your tongue healthy, many recommend using an electric toothbrush such as Sonicare or Oral B. This helps you keep your tongue and the rest of your mouth as clean as possible!


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