Same Day Crowns! – How They Work

ADG-Aurora-Dentist-Cerec-UnitThe machine you see in this picture is called a CEREC machine. It is a very, very expensive machine that allows dentists to do a permanent crown restoration right in their office, so that you don’t have to wait 2 weeks for your crown to be created in the lab. The machine uses extremely advanced imaging technology. Your dentist will use a versatile camera inside your mouth to take many pictures of your tooth after he has drilled away the decayed structure.

Using computer software and his knowledge of dental anatomy, your dentist will digitally recreate your original tooth. Once finished, he simple clicks the “print” button. This sends a message to the mill portion of the machine, which takes two dental burs, or drill bits, and literally carves a brand new tooth for you right in front of your eyes. It’s an amazing machine, creating an absolute masterpiece every time. If you’ve never witnessed this, ask your dentist if you can watch it next time you find yourself in his office. It’s an impressive spectacle!

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Jake the Dentist: