Hobo Dentist Vids

Hobo Dentist Vids

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While it is true that I am passionate about dentistry, I’m also passionate about the outdoors and living simple. That’s why I’m known as The Hobo Dentist, and that’s why I spent last summer living out of my car and sleeping in a hammock in parks and softball fields each night. Some like to call it urban camping. The following are excerpts of videos I took of myself telling stories on my way to school!

The first half of my summer was spent busily studying for part I of my national boards exams. After passing, I took a trip with a few friends to Thailand where I continued to live the hobo life and strengthen my relationship with the woman of my dreams, Mother Nature.

After spending a month in Thailand, I realized how beautiful of a thing traveling the world is. I realized I would like to do this forever. In order to do that, I need the world to become more familiar with the Hobo Dentist (Me). I’ve created this website and shared my experiences as the Hobo Dentist in hopes of making this blog popular enough that I make money from referring people to amazon for electric toothbrushes like I do on my “Sonicare Vs Oral B” page. If I can get the Hobo Dentist popular enough, I will be able to use my dental skills to travel the world and visit people who don’t have access to dental care so I can help them out for free!

If you like these vids and you also like keeping your mouth clean, you can help me out by checking out “Sonicare Vs Oral B“. This page analyzes the differences between the two most popular electric toothbrushes and gives you access to thousands of reviews by users of each so you can decide which one fits you best and get those pearly whites nice and shiny!

Jake The Dentist; thehobodentist@gmail.com

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