Oral B SmartSeries 7000 With Bluetooth – A quick overview

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Similarly priced to the comparable Sonicare DiamondClean, The Oral B SmartSeries 7000 Toothbrush is definitely a brush made for people who are very serious about their personal oral hygiene.  A big selling point for this brush is it’s bluetooth connectivity allowing you to customize your brushing experience and even track brushing statistics.

A rubber grip on the back of the brush prevents slippage. Add to that pressure sensors in the brush which glow red if you press too hard, and you’ve got a brush built to clean and protect like never before.

Included with the brush are 4 extra brush heads for more brushing customization, along with a timer to keep you on track. Oral B has created an app, designed to sync with your bluetooth toothbrush, and give updates on your brushing status. The app provides warnings when you are pushing too hard, and adds tips to help make sure you are brushing as thoroughly as possible, which equates to less plaque, and less chance of cavities at your next visit to the dentist.

The app also asks you if you cleaned your tongue, flossed and rinsed. Over time it tracks the days, percentages, and efficacy of your oral hygiene habits.

One unique feature offered by the Oral B 7000 is called Focused Care. On your next dental visit, he can program into the app the areas which you need to focus on to have a cleaner mouth. The app then takes your dentists recommendations, and reminds you each day to focus on those areas.

At the end of the day, you can see that the Oral B 7000, when paired with a smartphone, can be a powerful tool to really focus your oral hygiene habits and create a longer lasting clean, and a healthier mouth.

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