What is Scaling and Root Planing?

root-scaling-and-planing-njScaling and root planing are known as periodontal treatment. Periodontal literally means around the teeth. So your periodontia includes all of the structures surrounding your teeth, especially your gingiva, or gums, and your bone. Poor periodontal health is actually strongly linked to heart disease, so the benefits of periodontal health go far beyond aesthetics and hygiene.

Plaque tends to build up below your gum line, around the roots and the basest portion of your crowns. If left untreated, this sub gingival plaque could spread to the bone, destroying both your tooth and the bone holding it in place. Scaling and root planing are a technique used to clean below that gum line. A trained dental hygienist will run a special tool along the root and base of your crown, scraping away the plaque and calculus buildup, keeping your tooth structure clean and healthy.

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